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Comic Strip for Sunday , September 11 , 2005


Jes, tute veras - jeffles2 (amiko de russ) faras aŭkcion ĉe ebay por forvendi la original arton de Comicollage kaj Ko Fight Club! Stultas, ĉu ne?

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Current News Update: May 20th, 2005

Repent your sins! Kip Grey has returned!
[Random image courtesy of... ME!]

Sunday--  Harlie, All Things Invisible
Monday--  crazykiltman
Tuesday--  Russ Williams, Ko Fight Club
Wednesday--  Joe Nadeau is back, baby
Thursday--  Neil Swanson-Chrisman, Bug Fairies
Friday--  Diphthong, Froot Smoothie
Saturday--  Vortex, The Dream Vortex and
The Neverending Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story Engine

Those Who Came Before...

More and more people get involved with this thing! These two folks are official Comicollage Substitute Lackeys. Read their comics:

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Eclectic Selections
Erin digs: Where's George? - Track bills online!
Where's Willy? - Same as above, for our Canadian friends!
The LarsWood Project - A free RPG in development. Fun demo! And there's a MUCK, too!
Joe digs: YOUR MOM!
Kip digs: Google Image Search is a decent place for reference photos.
Theme World is where I've snagged most of my fonts.
The Internet Movie Database is my source for obscure movie quotes.
I also visit ESPN.com: NBA every day, even in the off season. It's rather sad, actually.
Russ digs:
Shay digs: Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator! It's essential for coming up with heroes and villains for Protection.
The Evil Overlord List! Captain Chaos lives by this.
RPGamer! From Final Fantasy to the Zelda series, I'm basically role-playing-game obsessed.
Hash, Inc., creators of the 3-D modeler Animation:Master. I need this program.
Yamcha digs: Tenshi Ni Narumon - Pastelcolors, hyper angel girl, a cat-girl, and much, much, more. Mmmmm.... it'syummy!

CG Shrines - Not only do the have a lot of cool pics of popular anime and video game females (mmm... Felicia), but they display lot of artwork from yours truly. So it's pretty nifty in my book.

Dig Dug - The greatest game ever made!And I mean that! I love this game so much my girlfriend is jealous :D

Zany Video Game Quote Page - If there's anything that cracks me up more than badly translated video games, I have no idea what it is, and this place is full of them! HOO HA!

Melonpool - Greatest strip ever made!

The Trout digs: 411 Wrestling - Whatcha gonna do, when Hulkamania runs WILD over you?!
TheForce.net - More Ewoks than you can shake a frickin' stick at.
Laughing Place - You must be-waaaaaaare! The fox is theeeeeeeeeere!

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